Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center Elementary School League

Jan 4, 2023

If you’re looking to get your elementary school age kids involved in a different type of fun and healthy league sport, maybe you should give climbing a look. Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center is offering a climbing league for kids in grades K through 6th. This is a team sport and will have at least 5 climbers and a coach. The coach doesn’t need any experience to take part…we will coach the coach!

Each team can practice at their convenience, based on availability of gym space. Usually, each team practices once a week.

This league is all about fun and exposing kids and families to a new sport. The competitions are held on the first Saturday of each month, starting in February at 4:00 PM and going until about 5:30 PM. The league finishes on the first Saturday of May with the championships.

As for the competition format, each climber does their best 3 climbs and submits their score to the coach. The coach will then take the best 5 climbers’ scores, which will then be the team score. While each team has at least 5 climbers, there is no maximum number of climbers required.

This elementary school league is a fun way to enjoy a healthy and fun activity. Click here to get more information and we look forward to seeing you there!