Steve Lulek

Guided Adventures with Steve Lulek

For over two decades, Steve Lulek has been living out his passion for the outdoors. After serving for 22 years in the military, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming an outdoor guide and opened the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center.

Steve is dedicated to bringing the joy of outdoor adventure to everyone, from the most experienced climbers to amateurs looking to experience nature in a whole new way. At the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center, he provides guided adventures, equipment rentals, and safety courses to help people explore the natural world in the safest and most enjoyable way possible.

Whether you are looking for a thrilling day of rock climbing or a peaceful hike in the woods, Steve has the expertise and passion to help make your outdoor adventure a success.

When he’s not teaching or guiding, you can usually find him off on some memorable adventure with his grandchildren.

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Highlights from Steve’s Military Career:


  • 11 years International Experience as a lead instructor in the United States Military’s Mountaineering School
  • 5 years Military EMT Paramedic—2 years Special Operations (SAPPER)
  • 2 Years Drill Sargent
  • 1 year Drill Sargent School Instructor
  • 1 year Senior Leadership School Instructor

Highlights leading as a guide, and an educator:


  • SOLO Wilderness Medicine Instructor
  • American Heart Association First Aid Instructor
  • Adjunct Professor of Outdoor Education and Recreation Minor at Castleton University
  • Master Team Building Coordinator
  • Former Adventure Director at Rutland Mental Health
  • Adventure Fitness Physical Education teacher for Stafford Technical Center