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Privately Guided Rock Climbing


Private Guided Rock Climbing!

Take your adrenaline to the next level – and get the chance to explore the majestic beauty of Vermont. Let our professional guides provide a safe and memorable experience, teaching you valuable safety and climbing techniques as you ascend the mountain. Come see why people from near and far love our guided climbing excursions.

Private guiding is scheduled 7 days a week.

Half Day Rates

Introduction & Exposure to Outdoor Rock
$175/per person
  • 2 person limit $300

Climbing Technique and Movement on RockClimbing Technique and Movement on Rock

This course addresses physical movement, balance, equipment, and technique on both crack and face climbs of all angles.

Self RescueSelf Rescue

This course breaks the complex, confusing system of self-rescue down into five categories: Escaping the belay, load transfers, lowering systems, raising systems, and miscellaneous skills such as knot passes.

Not For Profit / Youth / School Groups

We offer a discounted rate to non-profit groups such as church or youth groups, school groups, and scout groups with a minimum number of participants.

Call Us for Pricing at (802) 773-3343

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