Self-Rescue Technique

Climbing Self-Rescue Technique

This course breaks the complex, confusing system of self-rescue down into five categories:  Escaping the belay, load transfers, lowering systems, raising systems, and miscellaneous skills such as knot passes. Even gym climbers can benefit from these skills. Many climbers do not value these self rescue skills, brushing them off in hopes they will improvise something they once saw in a book.  We feel very strongly that these are invaluable skills that every climber, top roper and leaders alike should master and practice on a regular basis.  Rates are the same as for private guiding.  We suggest you take this course in one to three days, depending on your level of experience and knowledge. We will evaluate your skills on the first day.  We will ensure you have a low (2:1) student to instructor ratio. 

Self Rescue Techniques